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Lonely Rock Race

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Location: Starts from our base at Premier Gosport Marina, to Plymouth for the start, rounds Fastnet Rock, back to Plymouth before returning to our Premier Gosport Marina base.

Duration: 7 days (Approx)

The Lonely Rock Race is a close alternative to the iconic RORC Fastnet race. It’s based on the 2019 “classic” version of the Fastnet albeit a bit shorter (Starts and ends at Plymouth). This race requires a great deal of determination and skill to complete. Our comprehensive race package includes three practice weekends, ISAF Offshore Safety, RYA First Aid at Seas & RYA Sea Survival Course. Definitely one for bucket list!

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Course Information

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Recommended Reading: Sailing magazines, Fastnet Race books, racing guides, RWYC website

Course Prerequisite: At least RYA Competent Crew

Minimum Age: 16+

Who is the course for:

This is for anyone who is already at least RYA Competent Crew standard, or has suitable sailing experience and knows how to tack, gybe and ideally be used to spending long periods on a yacht.

The Lonely Rock Race is for those sailors who feel they need a challenge, are capable and know the history of the race and how demanding it is. This is NOT a pleasure cruise along the coast!

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What we cover on the course:

You’ll cover the necessary RYA Sea Survival course, ISAF Offshore Safety, First Aid at Sea and of course, the all essential three qualifying races, along with the Lonely Rock Race itself

There will be practic sessions involved, which will be carried-out in both good and bad weather, to prepare you for what you could encounter on the Lonely Rock Race.


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Course formats & details:

Courses run in a single format:

  • Programme is to be confirmed, however each course will have a scheduled date and will need to be attended and passed.

Practice dates will be in the weeks leading up to the main race, with the other associated courses scheduled in between practice weekends.

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Our Principal says this about the Lonely Rock Race:

Ok so this is the big one, the new alternative to the RORC Fastnet Race. The Lonely Rock Race is based on the “classic” Fastnet race (last done in 2019) however for 2021 it’s been shortened a bit so it starts and ends in Plymouth. over 500 miles of open-ocean racing with the best of the best. You’ll potentially be up against multi-million pound racing yachts, including the Volvo Ocean race fleet, IMOCA boats, plus a whole host of other exotica.

This isn’t for the faint of heart. This race required dedication, guts, drive and determination, along with the skills and ability to perform as a member of a team.

We’ll put you through your necessary RYA Sea Surival, ISAF Offshore Safety and RYA First Aid at Sea courses, put you through gruelling training weekends and in all kinds of weather. You’ll get wet, you’ll get tired, you’ll be excited and exhausted, but most of all you’ll get to experience a legendary race which you’ll never forget.

In order to get the best from this event, you need to be fit, healthy, and understand that this won’t be easy. It’s not a pleasure cruise. This is a demanding offshore race which has in the past killed people. Sounds harsh? well, it is. Deal with it! So, you need to invest heavily in yourself, get fit, lose the pounds, train, train and then train some more. If the weather looks awful outside, then get out and go sailing! Obviously there are limits to this, but you’ll have to prepare for the fact that on Lonely Rock Race, you can’t chose the weather or pop into a marina for the night. Once you start, you are on it until you finish!

This is a lifetime experience you won’t forget. Its an investment in your sailing career and you need to take a long hard look at yourself and decide if you are up for it. If you are, give us a call, and lets get ready for Lonely Rock Race 2021!

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