Private / Own Boat Tuition

Many boat owners feel that even though they may have been sailing quite a while and are generally comfortable with their current skill sets, the odd tune-up or bit of expert advice which is specific to their own boat is always a good thing.

Whether you’ve had your own boat for years or are a new owner wanting to improve your skills to make your sailing safer and more fun, why not contact us to see how we can help you?

We can offer bespoke training with one of our friendly, professional Yachtmaster Instructors, on your own boat based from any of the marinas in the Solent area (For locations further afield in the UK or worldwide please contact us), to help you gain that all-important confidence in the familiar surroundings of your own boat.

Not so confident at slow speeds in marinas or perhaps with rafting to other boats in high season? Why not do a Marina Skills day on your own boat, with one of our friendly, professional Yachtmaster Instructors?

Bought a Spinnaker/Gennaker and want some top tips from the professionals on efficient downwind sailing? We can help! How about understanding a bit more on maintenance tasks which are more bespoke and particular to your own boat? We can help! Feel you’ve got the sails trimmed well, but want to know if there is anything else you can do to squeeze that last bit of performance out of the boat? We can help!

How about one of our skippered cruises? If you fancy taking your boat further afield, but are nervous of your skippering abilities away from familiar waters we can put an experienced, qualified skipper on board who will keep you safe and also help you develop new skills and build your confidence to undertake the journey yourself.

Alternatively, how about doing one of our RYA courses on your own boat? We can offer a variety of courses which can be held on your boat for up to five people (Subject to the size and cabin arrangements of your boat). Take a look at our courses on offer and if you feel this is something you’d really like to do, why not contact us so we can give you some options?

Whatever you need help with on your own boat, we can give you all the support and training you need, which will help you build your confidence, or fine-tune the skills you already have.