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CEVNI Inland Waterways Test

Price: £25

Location: Course is undertaken online on your home PC

CEVNI stands for Code Europeen des Voies de Navigation Interieure. It is the code governing navigation on the interconnected European inland waterways (the cannals of Europe). This online course will expand your knowledge and will be essential for anyone wanting to hire a boat abroad for use on onland canals.

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CEVNI Inland Waterways Test



Course Information

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Course Prerequisites: Some sailing experience is helpful, although not essential

Minimum Age: No minimum

Who is the course for:

The CEVNI online course is designed for anyone who wants to sail the canals of Europe.

This course is a great addition to the International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

What we cover on the course:

Covering signs, rules and procedures for navigating the European inland waterways are all included within the CEVNI code, and pleasure craft are expected to know and follow the code.

Resolution 40 (ICC) requires that candidates applying for an ICC (international cErticiate of conpetance) with the inland category validated, have sufficient knowledge of the traffic regulations applicable on inland waters and waterways, in particular the CEVNI.

CEVNI is not covered in any of the RYA’s courses, even those specific to inland waterways, as these regulations are not in use in the UK. It is therefore necessary to have to complete a separate theory test on the CEVNI regulations and rules.

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Course formats & details:

Courses run in a single format:

  • Carried-out online at your convenience.

A nice simply online format for those looking to sail on the waterways of Europe.

Our Chief Instructor says this about the CEVNI Course:

This course is designed and aimed at inland water users of the continent.

Its great for developing your knowledge and expanding it further. I would recommend this to anyone looking to hire or take their boat inland in Europe to take this course.

Once you have it its there for life, it can save you a lot of problems having this on your ICC certificate. It’s a very quick and simple course and will take you a mater of hours to do, yet save you hours of issues on the inland water system.

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CEVNI Inland Waterways Test



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