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RYA Radar

Price: from £125

Location: Starts at our base at Premier Gosport Marina

Duration: 1 day

The RYA Radar Course is quickly becoming a must-have for most sailors, with radar becoming much more afforable and commonplace on boats. This course will give you a great introduction into understanding how to decipher the sheer volume of information on your radar screen.


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Course Information

Joining Instructions: Please click here for course joining instructions

Recommended Reading: Sailing magazines and newspapers, but this is not essential 

Course Prerequisites: No assumed knowledge

Minimum Age: No minimum but Under 16’s must be accompanied by adult. Persons aged 16+ can be unaccompanied subject to other pre-requisites having been met

Who is the course for:

A great course for anyone who is about to get radar fitted to their boat, or maybe wants a bit more insight into what they are looking at on their current radar screen!

What we cover on the course:

A general introduction into radar and it’s working principles, the types of radar currently available, how to best take advantage of it’s uses and the benefits it offers in all kinds of weather conditions.

Also covered:

  • how the radar set works
  • how its adjustments and features affect the way it works
  • target definition
  • radar reflectors
  • types of radar display
  • radar plotting
  • the use of radar in navigation and collision avoidance
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Course formats & details:

Courses run in a choice of two formats:

  • 1 day: (Saturday or Sunday)
  • Also available mid-week


Our Chief Instructor says this about the RYA Radar Course:

With modern radar technolgy moving forwards at speed, and with more and more boats readily having radar fitted, now is the time to get ahead of the curve and learn about radar!


It’s one of those sayings “you never knew you needed it until you first used it”, is so true. Radar is so immensely useful in all manner of conditions, in quiet and busy waterways alike. You simply can’t not do this course, especially if you want to look at doing your RYA Yachtmaster at some point.

We will show you the typical pulse radar systems fitted to most boats, and if you ask Jonno really nicely, he’ll show you the all-singing-and-dancing Doppler system he’s fitted on his yacht!

That truly is a leap forwards as it pings cardinals and prioritises other vessels as threats or harmless in regards to course collisions! Such a useful course, you really do need to have this one on your list.

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Booking details

No dates currently available. Please contact us for more info.

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