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RYA Yachtmaster™ Ocean Theory

Price: from £485 (Finance now available)

Location: Starts from our base at Premier Gosport Marina

Duration: 5 days

The RYA Yachtmaster™ Ocean Theory Course brings students with at least the RYA Yachtmaster™ Coastal or Yachtmaster™ Offshore qualification and some sailing experience, up to Yachtmaster™ Ocean level (Theory only).

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Course Information

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The RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Exam application fee isn’t included in the above cost. Please click here to print-off the RYA Yachtmaster exam application form:

Recommended Reading: RYA Day Skipper Handbook Sail (G71), RYA Yacht Sailing Techniques (G94), RYA Yachtmaster™ scheme and syllabus (G158)

Course Prerequisites: RYA/MCA Yachtmaster™ Offshore Certificate of Competence for those intending to ultimately gain the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster™ Ocean Certificate of Competence, otherwise a knowledge of navigation to RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster™ Offshore theory level

Minimum Age: 17+

Holiday Insurance: We would advise ALL our customers to ensure they have suitable holiday insurance in-place. Yachtsman’s insurance is available from a variety of souces like Topsail Insurance and can cover things like cancellations and personal effects cover.

Who is the course for:

This is perfect for those sailors who have completed their RYA/MCA Yachtmaster™ Offshore and want to explore the world with some blue water sailing experience or major ocean-going passages.



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What we cover on the course:

The course does cover all aspects of ocean navigation with particular emphasis on the use of astro-navigation and worldwide meteorology.

The lessons on astro-navigation will unlock the mysteries of the sextant and allow you to confidently take sights at sea to obtain your position and carry out compass checks.

  • The earth and the celestial sphere
  • Practical guide to use and care of sextant at sea
  • Meridian altitudes
  • Sun, star and other sights
  • Ocean passage planning

Another important aspect of ocean sailing is worldwide meteorology, passage planning and communications at sea.

Publications and charts that assist the ocean navigator such as routing charts and other pilot books will be discussed and used.

The course also recognises that there has been a vast improvement in technology available to help with ocean routing and weather prediction.

Time will be spent discussing the various computer programmes, internet sites and satellite/radio broadcasts available to the modern ocean navigator.

Crew management, watch keeping, victualling, water and fuel management and emergency equipment are also covered to give a real all-round course and a vast depth of knowledge.

Upon having successfully passed this theory course you will be ready to put the theory into practice on an ocean voyage and passage.

If you return form your ocean passage and have done the required navigation and sights, you are eligible to sit the ocean master certificate of confidence exam.

This can be arranged through ourselves or direct with the RYA.

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Course formats & details:

Courses run in a choice of two formats:

  • 3 consecutive weekends: (Saturday to Sunday)
  • 5 continuous days: (Monday to Friday)

The course includes free overnight accommodation aboard our immaculate, well-maintained yachts, and free tea and coffee, although no meals are included in the course cost (Free accommodation is during low season only and subject to yacht availability – Please check with us beforehand).

All meals are at the students own cost and are taken at any of the great local establishments in Gosport, or a short ferry hop across the harbour to Portsmouth.

Please note that during high season accommodation on-board cannot be guaranteed, so please ensure if you need to take advantage of this benefit you inform us of your requirements well in advance. Should we have no free boats available, you will need to arrange overnight accommodation at your own cost.

Fancy going VIP and having your own exclusive private course for you and your friends or family? You can book the whole yacht just for your own exclusive course from only £485 per person. Enjoy the course in style, with up to five persons on the boat being taught by one of our friendly, experienced Yachtmaster Instructors! What a way to start your sailing adventure!

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Our Chief Instructor says this about the Yachtmaster™ Ocean Theory Course:

This is one of the coolest things you possibly can do as a Yachtsman.

Being able to use a sextant and navigate with confidence in the middle of the ocean is one of the pinnacles of sailing.

Being out in the middle of the ocean, stood in the cockpit taking sights and then using reduction tables to work out where you are makes some of the most amazing journeys throughout your time as a Yachtsman.

Carrying that wooden box with you onto the vessel as you move towards your passage can be an amazing feeling. With the additions of world meteorology and also ocean passage planning the course really is a good all rounder for those who want to prepare themselves for an ocean voyage of a lifetime.

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Booking details

No dates currently available. Please contact us for more info.

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