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Online RYA Professional Practices and Responsibilities (PPR)

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Location: Carried-out online

Duration: N/A

The online RYA Professional Practices and Responsibilities (PPR) Course is an essential must-have for anyone who wants to make working at sea their chosen career. A great add-on to any RYA professional course like Yachtmaster.

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Course Information

Joining Instructions: Please click here for course joining instructions

Recommended Reading: None

You will have 6 months from ordering the course to completion (extensions are avalible)

Course Prerequisites: None

Minimum Age: 17+

Who is the course for:

If you work commercially on the water, then this is one of the courses required in order for you to obtain your RYA/MCA Certificate of Competence.

The course is aimed at people who work as, Delivery skippers/crew, RYA Yacht & Advanced Powerboat instructors, RIB/boat skippers, Charter skippers, yacht crew, superyacht crew, Work-boat skippers, Harbour masters & Pilots and Fishermen, to list a few.

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What we cover on the course:

There is approximately 3-8 hours of leaning and exams, but this depends on you and your learning style.

Topics covered on the course are:

  • Understanding your role in the commercial maritime environment
  • Ensuring your vessel is legal and suitable for the task in hand
  • Creating and implementing risk management & operating procedures
  • Planning and situational awareness – foreseeing potential circumstances and preparing for them
  • Compulsory carriage and regular maintenance of the appropriate safety equipment
  • Why correct manning is essential
  • Obligations to crew & passenger safety
  • Environmental responsibilities
  • Safe management of commercial watercraft

Once you’ve passed the course, you’ll be able to download your completion certificate, which can then be submitted to the RYA with your commercial endorsement application.

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Course formats & details:

Courses run in a single format:

  • Carried-out online at your convenience.

You can split the course up so you do not have to sit the course all in one go, you can leave and come back to the learning modules over a period of days or weeks.

However please be aware that the exam section has to be completed in one go, this assessment is graded, split into 2 sections and totals a maximum of 2.5 hours from start to finish of the exams.

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Our Chief Instructor says this about the RYA Professional Practices and Responsibilities (PPR):

This course is a requirement for anyone whos looking to obtain a commercial endorsement.

Weather it is RYA Powerboat level 2, RYA Advanced powerboat (COC), RYA Yachtmaster Ocean, Offshore, Coastal (Power or Sail) COC, or RYA Day Skipper (Power or Sail) but only combined with the shore based modules (Dasykipper or yachtmaster theory course).

There are 4 sections to the course and then the exam, this is not a difficult course its aimed at being able to find the information for skippers and then use it correctly.

If you think you might need a commercial endorsement then give us a call if you are unsure and we can guide you as best we can.

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Booking details

No dates currently available. Please contact us for more info.

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