RYA Cruising Scheme Ladder

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RYA Cruising Scheme Training Ladder

Use this guide to find your level and choose your RYA course


Start Yachting

2 day Weekend Course

Essential Navigation and Safety

On-line Theory Course

(approx 8 Hours)


Competent Crew

5 day practical course


Day Skipper Theory

 Theory Course

(Approx 40 hours)

Day Skipper Practical

5 day practical course

Day Skipper Combined Theory and Practical

9 day course

Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Theory

Theory course

(Approx 40 hours)

Coastal Skipper

5 day practical course


Yachtmaster Coastal Preparation

Practical Preparation + exam

Yachtmaster Offshore

Practical Preparation + exam


Yachtmaster Ocean Theory

 Theory Course

Get into sailing or navigation with a RYA entry level course - no experience necessary!

The next step is a 5 day course to become a competent crew member

You can take the Competent Crew course over 5 days or weekends.

As a Day Skipper you can apply to the RYA for an ICC!

Fastrack Day Skipper taken over 9 days. Take both Day Skipper Theory and Practical in one extended course. Accommodation provided throughout!

Coastal Skipper must be taken over 5 days and is a stepping stone between Day Skipper and Yachtmaster

Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore are professional qualifications.