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Cevni Test Online


Cevni Test Online – Book your test and we will log you on to RYA Interactive. You will be able to download your certificate when you have passed your CEVNI Test.

About This Course


CEVNI stands for Code Européen des Voies de Navigation Intérieure. This is the code governing navigation on European inland waterways.

The CEVNI is the European inland waterways equivilent of the coastal COLREGS. Users of the inland waterways of Europe must understand and abide by these rules. There are Signs, rules and procedures to be learnt and the CEVNI Test is the method by which you will be assessed of your knowledge and understanding.

The RYA ICC CEVNI test is a multiple choice paper taken online or as a paper test. Commodore Yachting offer the online test through RYA Interactive.

It is possible to take your CEVNI test online, anywhere, anytime. Book your test at the top of this page and we will log you on to the RYA Interactive site.

Once you have completed the CEVNI test, you will learn immediately whether you have been successful or not. Follow the on-screen instructions for details of how to get your ICC validated for inland waters.

How to pass the CEVNI Test

You can read all about the signs, rules and procedures in  The “RYA European waterways regulations (the CEVNI rules explained)”. The publication G17 provides the information you need to learn the code in a clear and concise way – with a sample paper included at the back of the book.