After one of the busiest seasons ever the sails are coming off and up to the sail loft.

Throughout the season our on site sail maker, Kemp sails have maintained and repaired our sails. A windy weekend or sudden gust can easily take a skipper or student by surprise and end up with a visit to the sail loft. With careful maintenance during the year the sails have survived surprisingly well and are currently undergoing their annual service and refurbishment. Even with the very best care some of them have reached the end of their lives and need replacing. Who better to do this than the people who have maintained them all year. They know the weak spots and the areas where damage tends to occur. With this in mind, they have designed our new sails with added reinforcements and heavier fabric in areas of constant wear. With a more rugged construction they are ideally suited to the hard wear and dare I say it, occasional abuse to which they are they are exposed. Three new sets of sails are expected to arrive very soon!


New sails for Fastnet 2017
Kemp Sails sew New Sails

Woven or laminated? That is the question!

Adelaide Star will be competing the 2017 Rolex Fastnet Race with a brand new set of sails. Find out more about the Rolex Fastnet campaign by following the link below