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Milebuilding Trips and Cruises

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Whilst learning to sail is fun, setting off on a Milebuilding Trip or Cruise is where the adventure begins!

Milebuilding Cruises and Weekends

Milebuilding Trips are ideal opportunities to gain miles for anyone wishing to enjoy more challenging offshore passages whether just for fun or working towards Yachtmaster and wishing to undertake a qualifying passage. You can also take a Competent Crew or Coastal Skipper course over the 5 days.

All pans are drawn in the sand at low tide and ultimately, your instructor will choose where to go after checking the winds and weather. You can expect to sail to France, Channel Islands or along the south coast.

Milebuilding Weekends

Milebuilding weekends are ideal for people with a weekend to spare and an excellent opportunity to build up your mileage before taking Yachtmaster Coastal or Yachtmaster Offshore. Alternatively why not take a Milebuilding weekend just for fun?

We have planned a programme of monthly mile building weekends to sail across the Channel to Cherbourg or  along the South Coast. Whilst these Milebuilding Trips offer the chance for passage planning, pilotage and over 60 mile skippered passages they also give the participants the chance to enjoy sailing outside of the RYA training scheme. They provide a wonderful way to explore new cruising grounds, harbours and ports. Milebuilding trips are suitable for anyone with some basic sailing experience and are a useful preparation for more experienced sailors wishing to take their Yachtmaster Coastal or Yachtmaster Offshore practical examinations. Please remember that passage plans are always drawn in the sand at low tide and winds, tides and your safety will be the final determining factor when it comes to planning your weekend.

Leaving on a Friday evening you will have a night sail during which you will be part of a watch keeping system. The destination will be determined by the skipper based on weather conditions and strength of the crew.

The yacht will be skippered by one of our experienced RYA instructors but you have the opportunity to experience navigating or maybe even skippering the boat under supervision. We have planned a programme of monthly mile building weekends along the English South Coast or across the Channel to France.

After catching up on some sleep you will have a full day and evening to explore ashore before leaving early Sunday morning for the passage back to Gosport. Anyone wishing to skipper a 60 mile leg can have this signed off in their RYA logbook before taking their Yachtmaster exam.  (Please let us know beforehand).


Beyond the Solent Weekends

Beyond the Solent Weekends are a stepping stone between our regular Solent Weekends and more challenging Milebuilding Weekends. The aim of a Beyond the Solent weekend is to set sail either on Friday evening for a shakedown sail or make a very early start on Saturday morning to catch the tide. Destinations are varied but Poole or Weymouth should be within reach for one of these trips.

Milebuilding Trips and Cruises

Cherbourg and the Channel Islands

A longer Milebuilding Trip or Cruise is great way to explore from a completely different perspective. Each port or harbour town has its own appeal and welcomes the visiting mariner with an array of bars and restaurants just waiting to be sampled. Serious sailors may use these trips to build miles towards Yachtmaster as well as gaining a skippered passage over 60 miles.

Typical destinations are the Channel Islands, Northern France and the South Coast.

Please note that with all Cruises and Milebuilding Trips weather, winds and tides will influence the itinerary and the information above is intended as a guide only.

Milebuilding – Student Reviews

If Carlsberg did milebuilders……! This was the best learning experience I’ve ever had. The chemistry between the crew, instructor, boat and weather was spot-on. We had strong winds, big waves, cold air and great visibility for 5 days. We never stopped learning whether it was reefing, sail trimming, steering, docking, passage planning, emergency routines etc. Ian Patience is a highly experienced instructor who is able to disseminate knowledge to students in an informative, fun, interesting and easy-going manner. We started the 5 day course as keen students but finished it as sailors!

Barry – Milebuilding, October 2018

Excellent and will sail with you again.

Steve – Milebuilding, October 2018

Just to say another big thank you for a fantastic week sailing on Victoria Star. Despite the wet and very windy start to the week, we had a great time. As always, the instructor (Chris) was brilliant and we all felt that we learnt a lot. I’m only sorry that it’s over for another year…..

Margaret – Milebuilding, August 2016

I had a fantastic time, I learnt a lot and I felt far more confident to go on and complete day skipper by the end of the week. Many thanks.

Anna – Milebuilding Week / Competent Crew, October 2015

This was a Mileage Builder weekend which I really enjoyed , Mark was a excellent skipper and I have recommended you to some of my sailing friends

Andrew – Cross Channel Milebuilder, October 2014

Pete and his wife Jan made an excellent pair, Pete was calm, supportive and gently guided and supported as required. As a couple it worked very well and also Jan’s supporting presence made it easier for the other women on the boat to get the most from the weekend. If I knew they would be skippering/instructing I would book agian immediately. I have done numerous courses/milebuilders with various sailing schools and this one was definately at the top of the pile, a decent boat and excellent instruction.

Tony – Milebuilding Weekend, Auust 2014

Always a pleasure with Commodore!!

Paul – Milebuilding, July 2014

Where do we sail - here are a few of the places?


Sail overnight across the Channel to France and enjoy breakfast in the bustling port of Cherbourg. Relax in one the many fabulous restaurants and sample ‘Moules Mariniere’ as you overlook the picturesque harbour. Milebuilding

The Needles

The Needles are one of the iconic sights of the Solent, you will say farewell to them as you leave to sail towards the West Country.  There is a good chance they will also greet you when you approach the UK coastline from France or the Channel Islands.

Milebuilding Cruises

Channel Islands

The beautiful island of Sark.

Channel Islands Milebuilder