HMS Queen Elizabeth passes Commodore Corner as she sets off from her home port

A lunchtime treat for the people of Portsmouth! The Commodore Yachting team downed tools to watch the new HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft carrier leave her home port. Locals and visitors alike looked on at the unusual event and were amazed at the size of this ship. She will be at sea and and will return back to Portsmouth. Watch this space….

Commodore Yachting staff down tools to watch HMS Queen Elizabeth depart for further Sea Trials.

HMS Queen Elizabeth

HMS Queen Elizabeth

Test your knowledge?

How heavy is HMS Queen Elizabeth?

She is a 65,000-tonne vessel.

How much food is on board HMS Queen Elizabeth?

HMS Queen Elizabeth typical food suppliers can include 66,000 sausages, 64,000 eggs, 12,000 tins of beans and 28,800 rashers of bacon. This would last about 45 days.  Now that’s a lot of cooked breakfasts.

How fast does HMS Queen Elizabeth travel?

She travels at 29 knots (54 km/h)

How Long is HMS Queen Elizabeth?

She is 284 Meters in Length.