Attend an RYA First Aid Course and save a life – it might be your life!

Imagine you are sailing offshore and the unimaginable happened. You are thrust into the middle of a life or death situation and the outcome is up to you. Saving a life is all down to three main things:

  1. Taking stock of what has occurred and taking charge of the situation
  2. Knowing what help to request both from the emergency services and your crew – you are not expected to work alone
  3. Implementing what you have learned by attending a RYA First Aid Course

In many cases help will be at hand, whether by VHF or HF radio, telephone or First Aid publications on board. It is also important to access how much you need to do. If help is on its way, you job may be just to stabilise the casualty and keep them comfortable until the experts arrive.

Remember it might be you that needs assistance – your knowledge may well be crucial in enabling your crew to save your life!

RYA First Aid Course

We can offer group training for Sailing clubs, do get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

RYA First Aid Course

We are running regular RYA First Aid Courses throughout the season.