Racing around the Rock - practical information about entering the 2021 Rolex Fastnet Race

Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

Rolex Fastnet Race 2021

Adelaide Star, our Bavaria 44 and veteran of every Fastnet Campaign since 2003 will be competing in the 2021 Fastnet campaign. Both the yacht and crew need to qualify by taking part in 3 qualifying offshore RORC races.

Rolex Fastnet 2017

What is involved in this campaign?

In order to qualify for entry into the prestigious yacht race the following criteria has to be met by the RORC committee, however we will exceed this by including training and opportunities for the whole crew to qualify.

The yacht must complete 300 miles of offshore racing prior to the Fastnet race

The skipper must complete 300 miles of offshore racing on that yacht

50% of the crew must have completed 300 miles of offshore racing on that yacht.

1 crew must be first aid qualified

30% of the crew must be Sea survival and ISAF qualified

Commodore Yachting campaign will include

  • 2 on the water training weekends
  • Sea Survival / ISAF course
  • 3 race weekends for qualifying mileage
  • The Fastnet Race itself.

The on board training weekends are designed to get the crews together and get familiar with the yacht. We generally sail around the IOW on the second weekend to get a few miles under our belts and work out the best watch keeping positions for the up coming races. As always we want to get the best of the crew so some slight adjustments may be made to the crew positions during the campaign.

RYA Sea Survival Course

Sea Survival training is a vital part of the preparation for the Rolex Fastnet Race Campaign

We also include ISAF training for the whole crew


I have never sailed before but would love to take part in the Fastnet Race. Can I book a place?

The Rolex Fastnet Race involves challenging offshore racing. Whilst you will receive race training,  we would expect a minimum of Competent Crew prior to beginning the Race campaign. We can offer this training through Commodore Yachting RYA Competent Crew Course

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