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Discounted RYA Training Courses – Save 20% on Website Prices!

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Discounted RYA Training at Standby Prices!

We know everyone likes a bargain and search for discounted prices when booking anything from flights to theatre tickets. At Commodore Yachting we offer excellent value for money on all our RYA training courses, Milebuilding Trips and Solent Yacht Charter. It is hard to offer discounts without compromising quality and comfort which is why we have been trying to come up with an idea that will offer the best of both worlds. When we travel abroad we often fly ‘Standby’, it offers us flexibility at an very affordable price. Airlines benefit too as Standby passengers fill otherwise empty seats on aircraft, something that we can apply to RYA sailing courses as well. It is a win – win situation; we are able to fill spare capacity and you pay less for your RYA training!

This is how it works –

RYA Training at Standby Prices
RYA Training at Standby Prices
  • Book and pay for your RYA Practical or Shorebased Course saving up to 20% on the full course fee
  • We will contact you when a ‘Standby’ place is available, this will be within 7 days of the start of the course
  • You can chose whether to accept the place or go back to the top of the Standby list
  • You choose whether to pay for a low season or high season course – you can change this later if you wish
  • Standby places are not refundable

Typical ‘Standby’ prices –

  • Day Skipper practical  Normal price £510 – £549 – Standby price £439.00
  • 9 Day Day Skipper Theory and Practical Combined Course – Normal price  £895 –  Standby price £716.00

Is Standby for me?

YES – if you

  • are flexible over your choice of dates
  • can get away at short notice
  • prefer to make decisions at the last minute
  • are looking for discounted RYA training courses
  • want a top quality, all inclusive course

NO – if you

  • have fixed holiday dates
  • need to plan ahead

Questions about Standby places:

I am interested in a Day Skipper course coming up next week, can I book this as a Standby?

I am sorry but you cannot specify a date when booking a Standby place. Whilst this might so convenient for you, the ability for a customer to be flexible is what makes the Standby system such a fantastic way to save money. We can fill last minute places and anyone who has purchased a Standby place will have the opportunity of accepting a discounted place at short notice.

To book, select the Standby option on any course page.