COVID Procedures & Customer Care

Our Primary Concern Is Your Safety:

UPDATED: 13/01/21

At Commodore Yachting we take the safety and welbeing of our customers and staff very seriously.

During these tough times we want everyone to know that we are doing everything we can to help minimize the risk of catching or spreading Coronavirus  / Covid-19.

Primarily, we are adhering to current Government restrictions and guidance to ensure that any risk has been mitigated as much as possible. This means that during Tier-4 restrictions for the Portsmouth/Gosport area we have taken the decision to close the business for January 2021.

We are however still taking phone calls and answering emails as usual.

If you have a course/charter booked which is scheduled to be undertaken during January 2021, then we will defer your course/charter at no additional cost to you, for another date in the year. Requests for refunds will be processed in accordance with our standard terms and conditions.

We would like our customers to ensure that they strictly adhere to restrictions put in place for whatever tier is in effect where they live. During these times we all have to work together to ensure that the spread of Coronavirus / Covid-19 is reduced, so we can all get sailing sooner.

In the meantime, please keep an eye out for our email newsletter updates and check out our website for the latest information from us. We will update you as and when the Government announce tier updates which may then allow us to do courses and charters.

If you haven’t signed-up to our newsletter, please do so here. Our newsletter will include important updates and news from us, as well as special offers which will hopefully mean you can all enjoy some bargains when we are allowed to go sailing again.

What tiers we can run courses in:

To check what tier you are in please check here and input your postcode – what tier am i in?

Our procedures when we can go sailing:

Upon attending a course at our Gosport marina base, we will ask you if you want to be tested for Coronavirus/COVID-19. The tests we have are the same as used in the NHS and provide a 97.8% accurate result (Subject to exposure dates to anyone who may have been infected). If you test positive we will ask you to return home and will defer your course. Whilst there is no legal requirement for you to undertake a test with us, we prefer everyone on a course to be tested. Our instructors will undertake a test prior to each course.

Our Fleet – Our fleet yachts are meticlously scrubbed and sanitised prior to every course/charter taking place. We thoroughly mop-through the yachts with a strong bleach solution, and all surfaces are washed down with a bleach or Milton solution. Other surfaces are sprayed with anti-viral/bacterial surface sprays. We also use sanitiser “fumigation bombs” which fumigate the yachts internally, post-cleaning just to be sure we’ve covered all the unseen nooks and crannies. Externally all surfaces are washed and scrubbed down, with items such as steering wheels, winches and grab handles cleaned using bleach or Milton solutions and anti-bacterial/viral sprays.

Our Classrooms – These are cleaned and sanitised in the same way as our fleet yachts.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – We ensure our instructors and staff wear face masks, and gloves when undertaking courses. We also provide alcohol gel on each yacht and at each desk in our classrooms. We also test our staff for Coronavirus / Covid-19 on a weekly basis to check that we are operating in a safe manner. We would ask that ALL our students/customers arriving at the marina wear a face mask and adhere to good practice with PPE and hand washing at all times. Please do not attend the marina if you are displaying any signs of Coronavirus / Covid-19.

The simple rule for Coronavirus / Covid-19 is that you should stay at home to prevent the risk of catching and spreading the virus, maintain distances if you are out and about, and that you wear a mask and wash your hands with alcohol gel or soap regularly.

If we all adhere to the rules, then there is every chance we’ll all be able to go sailing sooner rather than later.

Stay safe and well in 2021, and we’ll see you soon!

From Jon & Tom

Commodore Yachting