We have been fishing - you will be shocked by what we caught!

Commodore Yachting Clean Up Campaign

We started the Commodore Yachting Clean Up Campaign when we dredged a huge half barrel out of the marina and purchased a fishing net from Lidl. This week we decided to catalogue our catch.

After a week of collecting – from the rail at the back of the barge to stop an over eager collect from falling in – we decided to separate all the trash gathered into categories:

  • single use bottles, cups and cans
  • food packaging
  • general packaging
  • cigarette butts
  • miscellaneous

Single use bottles

One of the easiest ways to change is to stop using single use drinks containers. These can easily be replaced by reusable lidded cups and bottles that can be used over and over again.

Commodore Yachting Clean Up Campaign

Food packaging

Food wrappings are everywhere. Sweet, crisp and cake wrappings carelessly dropped around the waters edge, easily drift away and judging by how faded some of these are, can float around for years.

General packaging and rope

Of all the trash it has been this group that for me has been the most perplexing. Tiny balls of polystyrene from packaging just keep on coming, millions of them, a challenge to fish out amongst the seaweed. In fact impossible, we can only make a token gesture.

Ropes, lines and plastic bags are the sailor’s nightmare when in the water. Bags can get sucked up into the exhaust system, preventing cooling water from circulating around the engine. Ropes and lines can get wrapped around the prop as you can see in this picture of Victoria Star. Both can cause an engine overheat and worse still a cracked engine.

Maybe the answer is to buy less, recycle and upcycle?

Commodore Yachting Clean UP Campaign

Cigarette butts

Cigarette butts are probably the most commonly discarded trash and even when discarded miles away from coastal areas, make their way into the water where it isn’t just a matter of litter. Toxins from cigarettes collect on the filter and are then washed out into sea where birds and marine life ingest the butts, in the belief that it is food.


Shoes, pens, hypodermic needles, footballs, ten pound notes. We have fished them all out although it is the tenners that help keep up our enthusiasm!

Commodore Clean Up Campaign
Commodore Clean Up Campaign
Commodore Yachting Clean Up Campaign
Commodore Yachting Clean Up Campaign
Commodore Yachting Clean Up Campaign

So for us it has been food for thought. We have made a start at changing our habits and are committed to making further alterations to our lifestyle. We want to be greener, it will take a while but if everyone does their little bit we can all make a difference.

Please find a few links below for some inspiration about why and how you can help.

We are caretakers for our planet, looking after it is the only option!