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Advanced Sailing and Yachtmaster Preparation

A man can pretend to be a lot of things in this world; but he can only pretend to be a sailor for as long as it takes to clear the harbour mouth!

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Advanced Sailing and Yachtmaster Preparation

Advanced Sailing and Yachtmaster Preparation weeks are ideal for people who are ready to move onto advanced sailing courses and gain a Certificate of Competence. You will find full 5 day preparation courses for Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore followed by the exam period. Be aware that many schools offer a 3 1/2 day shortened course with the exam completing the 5 day period. In our opinion this course cuts corners and does not provide the quality training experience required for a successful exam outcome.

As with all RYA Training offered by Commodore Yachting our prices reflect our commitment to ‘No Kitty on Board’. You will not be asked to chip in for food on board, berthing fees or use of waterproof clothing as is the case with many of our competitors.

Milebuilding Weekends and longer cruises offer opportunities to build the miles and experience required to reach this higher level.